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The Mutant Is Out of the ER

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Yesterday was not fun. I woke up at 2:30am not able to breath and having dizzy spells. I initially tried a nasal flush and took my Chinese allergy herbs. During this I also began to feel very dizzy and began to hyperventilate. I simply couldn’t get a breath. So, I tried my wife’s inhaler (had one awhile back for allergy induced asthma) and an allergy thing for the nose. None of this really helped. So, we sat in the shower and I was able to calm down a bit and breath a little easier. I did have some chest pain but it quickly went away. I finally got a couple of hours of sleep.

Woke up, feeling very fatigued, tight in the chest and occasionally dizzy. Worked until lunch break, ate some mash potatoes and had bad chest pain while swallowing. The dizzy spells and whatnot from the early morning began to return so I decided it was time to go to the walk in clinic.

At the clinic they ran some tests and they thought that I might have had some stomach acid go into a lung. Not something they could really do anything about. However, since my breathing was still difficult and I was still getting dizzy they sent me to the ER. 

The ER docs initially treated it as a possible heart attack, which I guess had to be ruled out, again, given the symptoms. During the blood draw the nurse commented that my arm veins were “weird” and another nurse was like “Oh, there’s another vein over there!” The Wifey was like “Why am I not surprised?” Then I told the nurses that they should just add it to my other mutations and then they all gathered around to see my extra row of teeth. While I usually enjoy being the center of attention, I simply wanted to be able to breath again without chest pain or compressed feeling.

They ran more tests, including a CT scan, and ruled out a heart attack or blood clot. The Dr. determined that I might have a mucus plug somewhere in a bronchial tube. However, they said this couldn’t be confirmed due to the limits of modern technology. They gave me something for the pain and the dizziness, neither of which I can take without getting violently ill. Then sent me home with instructions to see my personal doc today.*

Well, this morning I still have some tight chest and the pain is still there, although not as widespread. Thankfully I can breath fully and I’m not dizzy. Just taking it easy at work and waiting for the doc to call to see when she can get me in.


*Some of these medical details may be a bit off since I was really out of it for some of it.

Roller Coaster Stress Basket

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Well, I can definitely say that the last week or so has been full of little more than stress, much of it work related. I’m learning a lot of things about leading a team and about the differences amongst companies. I’m happy for the personal growth opportunities but not always satisfied with the answers corporate America provides. 

Thankfully I have a week off the middle of February. I’m hesitant to really plan out the time off because I don’t want to stress about it 😛 Still I’d like it to be successful in terms of getting some stuff done that has been sitting on the back burner. Of course, the thing that is at the top of the list is the website.

Who knows, maybe the weather will be nice enough that I’ll be able to walk in the sunshine in the morning. I used to do this every Saturday and it was part of my recommended regimen for better health. I’ve kept up with the daily meditation and I’ve noticed that I do seem to be handling stress better, but I miss the time outside.

Ah… come on SUNSHINE!!!

Yawn… Another Post :P

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Wow… It’s been a bit since I last posted. Not too much has happened but I’ll do a quite rundown. Also, I’m pretty much settled into my Winter Hibernation Mode so I won’t make any promises about posting regularly until Spring arrives once again!

We spent Thanksgiving Day down in Colorado Springs with my side of the family. Ate the foods and played a couple of games, Uno and Dominos included. On Friday, Jenel and I did a bit of Black Friday shopping. I was rather surprised that Jenel was up for it but we did it quickly LOL… a quick Gamestop run for Dragon Age, stopped by World Market to browse and did a little dip through Target. Then home…

Let’s see, what else…

Surprisingly, work is actually proving to be beneficial to me in my struggle against this winter’s SAD symptoms. Last year at this time, I was thigh deep in the war against seasonal depression and a large issue dragging me down was the lack of certainty as to whether or not I would have a job and what would happen if the money stopped flowing. Thankfully, this year the job outlook is not in question. As such, I can pretty much focus most of my attention on work during the week. Granted, we’re still flat broke but there is little danger of us not being able to make our rent or whatnot. 

Since we are flat broke and can’t go to the movies and whatnot, the Wifey and I have turned to NetFlix in order to get our entertainment fix. We’ve already watched season 1 of “The Legend of the Seeker” and are now starting to work our way through “Farscape”. If you have the means definitely look at getting NetFlix through the PS3.

Speaking of Dragon Age, so far the game has been everything I hoped it would be. It offers deep, immersive roleplaying, a combat system that actually requires strategy, and the ability to run it on my existing PC hardware. Of course, the game is not without a few issues. Still, there are some game-breaking bugs that are awaiting patches. I’ve cruised the game manufacturers’ boards, which are themselves in beta, and find that there are numerous things that need to be patched for the game. Granted, I think those individuals that complain about the game and the fact that “…this issue cost me 20+ hours of game play” because they were stupid enough not to actually save regularly, have to take some responsibility for the frustration their encountering. 

Anyhow, I shall sign off for now. There is “Farscape” to be watched.

Productive Weekend

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

This weekend was a really productive one in several ways.

First, the Wifey and I got to spend quite a bit of time together snuggling on the couch watching “The Legend of the Seeker”, “Glee”, and a few other shows. It was a nice way to relax.

Secondly, in anticipation of the inability to walk away from Dragon Age this upcoming weekend, I cleaned the bathroom and did some other household tasks. We even rearranged the entertainment system so you don’t have to contort your arms to get the volume controller to register.

And, third, I spent the whole damn weekend reinstalling Vista on my desktop. We’ve been having some network issues and that machine seemed to be the most touchy about the situation. However, with a call or two to Comcast, I think the situation is worked out. But, it’ll be nice to have a new install upon which to continue building the website. Now, I’ve just got to find the notepad that has all my passwords and whatnot.

So, all said, the weekend was a nice mixture of productivity and relaxation. I’m hoping that this week will be more of the same. With only three days of work, I’m hoping that people are generally in a good mood!


Life is Picking Up!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

So, the last week and a half have been pretty damn eventful. That’s a great thing because it’s really helped me get outta my most recent funk.

First off, I think I’ve spent more time talking about my metaphysical perspective and religious experiences more in the last week or so than I have in the last 6 months. This has provided ample time to reflect on my own standings and helped me give voice to things I haven’t had the occasion to speak of.

Last week I also got a chance to talk to a few of the graphic designers at the place where I work. It’s nice to be able to talk and network with people that seem to really enjoy what their doing and it made me ponder where I’d be now if it weren’t for the accident that stunted my artistic growth. Anyhow, I’m finding lots of good advice and support from this group.

Along those lines, I’ve gotten a much renewed interested and motivation in getting the damn website up. I’ve worked on it off an on and have the basic coding done. What remains is the artisitic dimension. This is a huge component since I built the sight to be graphically intense.

I was going to work on the site this last weekend but we’ve been having issues with our Internet. Yep, we got Comcast and I’m quite aware that people have had numerous horror stories.  I was very surprised that they sent out a tech on Sunday to look at the issues. They replaced the modem and checked lines. Sadly, the issue continued but I obtained a new router from a tech angel to tryout. Looks like the issue has been resolved with the replacement…

Also this weekend was another gaming session. To my glee, the game went really well and the players faced some very tough decisions. One more to go for the year! Granted, now that I have around a month before the next session, I can focus on other things.

Like videogames!

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