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Image Flood!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Yes, the image galleries are up! All have been revamped. Simply go to the main page and look!

They are FANTASTIC… 🙂

And, I still have a headache 🙁

Insomia… and Nasal Drippage

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Ugh.. I took some stuff for post nasal drip and, while it works, it also makes me very awake. So, here it is 3:45 in the morning and I can’t sleep. To top this off, my muse seems to have been humping my leg and I’ve got all of these great ideas for the art galleries. I’ll be putting up. I think I’m gonna revamp all of the art galleries and have a unified layout, although they will have unique color schemes and the like. As such here is what I’m looking at:

  • Flourishes: Updated to include only hand-drawn works of 2008 on.
  • Blank Slate Gallery: Updated theme. Includes only work done on the Wacom tablet.
  • Elemental galleries: Each with a unique color scheme based on Earth, Air, Fire & Water. Titles will be in Swedish. Each gallery will contain approximately 25 images from stuff prior to 2008.
  • Backdrop Gallery: To include backdrops from previous Bizarre incarnations.

Also, since I’ve got your attention. I’ve taken next Tuesday off to attend that talk at the CWA I mentioned earlier. If you’d like to hang afterwards or whatnot drop me a line. I may attend a few more of the sessions if nothing else.

Oh, and I’ve re enabled the ability to comment on previous posts that I had to disable due to a high volume of spam. I always find it interesting which posts get the bots attention. Seems like anything with the tage “Religion & Philosophy” get hit HARD. Go figure!

OMG… Now I have to code this?

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

First, BIG shout out to Danny.Boi who helped me for about 4 hours today to catalog and scan one of my portfolios. THANKS!

Now, I have 78 scans (or rescans) of my work. Since I really don’t want to have people scrolling through so much at one time I’ll probably break it down into four galleries. Just have to decide on what the best looking and least painful method will be…

I need to take a break… sleep, work and then return to it.

Was Creative

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

I slept most of the evening away but awoke around 11PM. As such, with the Wifey watching a TV show, and not finding any excuse not to, I finally sat down and created! I had to work through the pain of hand cramps and had to encourage myself quite a bit, I think it was mostly successful. I’ll post these in a gallery laters but I wanted to have something to show progress.

Wither Grin Dragon

Tulips and Asphalt

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Depending on whom you talk to its 6am. I’ve been up since 4 with a burning desire to set things straight in my office. I’m preparing for something and I’ve got just a glimpse of what that something is.
Now, I know that I’m prone to assumptions and melodrama. I’ve got a strange tendency to see gods where this is little more than hope and passion where there is little more than laughter. Some might say I twist at windmills but I find that I’m just as often baffled as I am happy.

Regardless, I still have dreams, even if they’re no more than surface deep, even if they’re lost in the melodrama of my head. I haven’t cried much of late, and I’ve found limited happiness in the comfort of material things.The embraces of friends an loved one have kept me going, even if sometimes I’d prefer the chatter of gods and the color of confusion.

I suppose all this wraps up into one nice bundle that is “me”. There are little boundaries I place upon myself but those that are there are heavy and self-made. One of these is my lack of confidence in my artistic ability and the fact that previous endeavors have often ended just as quickly as they have begun. I strive to change people, to challenge their minds, but I just as often wish to find solitude in sameness, to hide under rocks and let the current of the world pass me by. I see, I wish for and just as often hope that a vast change will come. Most people that know me are aware of this but I seek just to have it happen, to awake and be changed. I don’t want to go through the struggle against sameness; I want the laughter not the pain. I want to be old without the growing part, to gain wisdom without the journey. In fact, my soul is lazy and I use the lack of companionship in metaphysics to reconcile myself to melancholy. But there is no excuse for me, and my dreams tell me so.

So, last night when I was yet again approached with the possibility of expressing myself in art and to make it matter financially, which is often the only currency of value these days, I hid from the possibility. I don’t wish to be a material commodity but that is just a frightful excuse for excusing myself. When asked “Why?”, I simply said that I would think about it, but never really considered it, as flattered as I might have been.
But, I made the mistake, in my own great humility, to mention it to the Wifey. She simply asked me what I needed. There was no balking, no further exploration, just support for an endeavor that I was, that I am, still terrified of making.
And yet, I awoke this morning with inspiration. Unbeknownst to me, my soul had been plotting. I have a new floor plan for the office, it just went pop and that work is done. I also have a name for the site that has been offered me. A name I don’t entirely understand but it fits.

I’m still childish, I’m still afraid and I wonder where my muse will be found. But, at the very least it’s a starting point; the foundations of love and friendship are there. Let’s just hope the gods continue to offer their support, even if their current blessings are little understood by me and their purposes hidden.

So now I’ll be walking amongst “Tulips and Asphalt” Won’t you join me?

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