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Leaving the World Open – Fr. Phillip

Monday, September 21st, 2009

So, I’m working my way through the novel. I haven’t gotten very far as of yet and I’m having something of a difficult time simply reading it and not editing LOL.

What I have noticed so far is that the main characters have continued to evolve in the back of my mind. In some ways this is good because I’ve realized that I’ve spent time thinking of their personalities and whatnot. The bad part is that sometimes what I have written in the past does not conform to my current concept of them and there are numerous areas that will need to be rewritten to bring things inline.

For instance, one of the main characters is a Catholic priest by the name of Phillip. He was originally written as at the edge of losing his faith in the Church and in Christianity in general. This charaterization was informed by the type of person I wanted him to be and the reactions I wanted him to have. However, as I’ve grown a bit so has Phillip and, since I have a more clear understanding of what happens in his future, Phillip needs to be much stronger in his faith and more comfortable, almost too comfortable, in the life that the Catholic priesthood allows him to live. This will make what he enounters and how it changes him a much more profound affair. 

 At least there is progress… LOL

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