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Glamoured World

Friday, July 1st, 2011

I live in a glamoured world. I hide my sorrow like I hide my joy. Deep.

My dreams are filled with swirling colors. I close my eyes. The grayness of this world hurts.

Deception is my tool of trade. Silence my symphony.

I’m simply treading. Simply floating.

Never fully awake.

Sometimes I feel myself surface. But, I know there is nowhere to hide. The running is futile. In scampering I merely scrape my knees.

In these brief glimpses of life, between the echoing of the doldrums, I seem glimmers.

But, quickly fall back again.

My head resting comfortably. Dullness, my pillow. Stillness in singularity.

Each day indistinct from the last, I go about another’s business. Anxious with another’s concerns. A parasite of paranoia.

It doesn’t matter. I move without being seen. I breathe without intake. Exhaling nothing.

I Sit Awake Feeling Bleck

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I awake feeling bleck

It’s one of those evenings where ya could really just hang with friends
But everyone else has their plans
And, besides, I live too far away

It’s been a stressful busy day
And there is no relief in sleep
The world is mirrored in my dreams
I’m too damn exhausted to figure out what that means

I sit and hem and haw
Frozen in this feeling
But longing to thaw

I sit beside myself
And inward brood
Pondering the reasons for this mood
But there is no escape in sight

In the coolness of this night
I sit awake feeling bleck

The Box Man Commeth!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

And I shan’t remember this day
For long the moon peaks through the window
And sets my heart all a’giggle
I finished my work
And yet no longer sleepy
Music is playing
I feel a little giddy

But to swoon I must
For morrow brings an early rise
Time enough for contemplation
Ah, yeah..
The box man commeth

And yet
As I move
I stand still and wait
Watching people change before me

I’m left holding a parcel
For another

The significant is out
Mincing words
On some joyous play date
Mead, fire and friends
Is more to my liking
But the fun is to be had
And, even the temper a bit

I drain in mind
Lack substance of thought
Writing prose that fall flat

But, I’ll post anyways
Why not?

A Rambling

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

And there shall be much Laughter
In the fountain of the soul
Not realizing how staunch the time
And upon the shore
A washed up yarn
Yearning to and fro
Then some phantom appears
And the shawl thickens
The hood is thick
The brine is grand
But alas the sun does set
Morn comes not soon enough

The lad awakes
But mist is still not thawed
A yawn
A gasp
A subtle scratch
And for movement
He doth rise
And began again

I do

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

I’m not always like this
I swear it’s true

It just now
That I am broken

I’ll be better tomorrow
I promise

I’m just so tired
Of being strung along

Of the feelings of failure
I had such promise

I believe that
I do

But stuck in a dead end job
And see what my attitude does
To you
To both of us…

I realize life isn’t always simple
And I’m not a patient man
But I’ll wait
I’ll wait for both of us

I’m not always like this
I swear it’s true

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