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In the Dizziness

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Will these words
Give release

To the musings
To the pain
To the laughter
And the Dance

Or am I still Lame

There are times
When the coop of emotion


As strong as I try to be
The feelings
Of confusion
Of intense anger


Pent up frustration


And in the dizziness
Of that release

I cling to the thought of tomorrow
That could be dashed
By the frustration of today

I must keep telling myself
That I AM more than this

Just wait another day

Waiting to be Born

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Is this enough to speak of these things
All alone in the space of black net
Whose casting clings to simple truths
Lost in distant whispers
And effervescent wisps

I sometimes wonder
Upon whose radar I flash
And whether that really
Gets their attention

After all
I’ve come to realize
After all these years
I live through the eyes of others
And take respite in their gaze

It seems so much clearer
Than the mirror

If they don’t turn away
I know I at least have
A chance
To be someone

To exist beyond myself

My eyes remain dull
In that black space
Amidst the waves of being


Dream a Hollow Vision

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

And I fret
Knowing the future is yet a dream
And the dream a hollow vision
Born of despair

Wanting more than the nine to five
Like mourning the sun before it falls
Waking only after the work is done
Like the mind under curfew

Enough of this
I cry
And simply rearrange
My room

Granted the change of scenery
Is nice
But it hardly brings
The heart to bloom

And I fret
And dream a hollow vision
Born of deep despair

Fluent In Lapses

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

So she pondered herself in the mirror
She remembered that form
Regardless of the current one
Lacking in beauty as it was
In this form she new the passions of men
And the temptation to flee their scorn
But there was little she could do

They all saw him
Slouched back
Brittle of hand
And he moved through them
Sometimes he moved beyond
But always linked
Remembered but never known
Less understood

There are times I remember them
And there are times I long
To be far apart
Even as the twilight shines in the distance
I can’t envision their faces

Lost in the light

The ramblings of a god
Unlike any other
Trapped in reminiscence
Lost in despair

I’ve known these things
And I’d hoped they were lost
Translucent as they are
Only tears and gibberish remain

Fluent in lapses and versed in lies
There is no escape
Yet nothing remains

I’ve Let You Go…

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I’ve let you go

You’re flying on wings darker than mine
Seeking to find your sunshine in cloudy skies

There are times in dreams
We speak…
Your voice is silent
Your image blurred
Only your presence

I’ve let you go

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