I’ve got a little bit of insomnia. It’s 4:45am and I just can’t seem to sleep. The desktop is acting up, as is my tummy, and I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind. I’m also a bit random.




So, you’ll have to either bear with me or give up reading at this point.

Well, I’ve decided to wipe the Desktop ‘cuz it turns out partitioning the drive into two pieces was a waste of time. I keep backups of everything anyhow and managing where things went just wasn’t making sense anymore. So, as you read this, I’ve just finished running the memory test tool that came with Windows Vista (just was curious…) and found no issues so I’ll just restart and let the install begin. Perhaps, as it’s running, I’ll just go lay back down and see if I can sleep some.

Or, I’ll work more on my DND stuff. Yep, I’m still at it. I’ve got to complete a character background thing for Fozzie’s campaign. I’m pretty excited about being a player for the first time in over a year but I have to learn not to correct him on rules. Not that I’m a rules lawyer or anything but I want to hand that responsibility off unless he asks about something. The first session for his campaign will be on Friday.

Then my 11th wedding anniversary is on Saturday. The Wifey wants to do something this weekend in that regard but I haven’t got a clue what to do. We normally don’t celebrate our anniversary so just about anything would make it more special than most. LOL… I’m such a romantic.

Oh, speaking of DND, I’ve still got my campaign to work on. However, unless I can set aside some time today, that will have to be done later on this week. I’m still reading through the core books, taking my time and trying to absorb as much as possible on the first read through… Gonna be different, gonna be good.


Work should be interesting over the next few weeks as the department rights itself after nearly sinking. I am actually starting to look forward to it again even though I have more responsibility. It doesn’t look like any sort of outsourcing will be taking place for quite awhile since the last supervisor really seems to have mucked things up. That sits fine with me… it means I keep my job! They did ask about my future plans and I was up front as I could be. I want to be taken on permanent but I’m not going to make any promises that would shoot my wife’s career in the booty. The new/returning interim supervisor seems to have respected that. He’s been telling me to go back to school for almost as long as I’ve been working there. Not that he wants me to quit but he wants me to do what’s best for me and the family. He’s a great guy.


I’ve decided that Disney’s Fairies are something like a gateway drug.


Oh, look! Initial reinstall has been completed! I love that it goes soooo quickly on Windows Vista. Now, if I can just avoid getting the computer bogged down and upset like it had been for the last week. I think it was just it’s way of telling me “CONAN BAD!!!” LOL…


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