The Box Man Commeth!

And I shan’t remember this day
For long the moon peaks through the window
And sets my heart all a’giggle
I finished my work
And yet no longer sleepy
Music is playing
I feel a little giddy

But to swoon I must
For morrow brings an early rise
Time enough for contemplation
Ah, yeah..
The box man commeth

And yet
As I move
I stand still and wait
Watching people change before me

I’m left holding a parcel
For another

The significant is out
Mincing words
On some joyous play date
Mead, fire and friends
Is more to my liking
But the fun is to be had
And, even the temper a bit

I drain in mind
Lack substance of thought
Writing prose that fall flat

But, I’ll post anyways
Why not?

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One Response to “The Box Man Commeth!”

  1. Seroph Says:

    I prefer my poetry slams with french toast!

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