Okay, well I’m in sorta a mood today so I’m trying to look for something creative to do that doesn’t involve DND or large amounts of virgin blood. I’ve decided to create a new gallery soon that will be comprised of desktop wallpaper specifically designed for dual monitor setups of my resolution. See, I’ve had a pretty hard time finding desktops that I can use that will span both my monitors and look good. I’ve seen plenty of stuff for normal and widescreen application but very few for my situation. I figure that I’ll take a stab at Photoshop Elements and create then in there using the Wacom tablet, since GIMP absolutely HATES the Wacom 🙁 (Although I may have found a fix for that)

Anyhow, any suggestions for topics or themes? Each desktop will be a unique creation, some abstract and some not… haven’t got a clue yet as to what it might actually entail…

And… I did something to my left hand that makes typing hurt…

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