Back to Square One

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should fully embrace the Roman idea, as presented on the History Channel the other night, that whenever something is going well, fate will make sure that something will come up to remind you that your nothing more than a piece of shit. Sound a bit pessimistic? Sure, but I tend to think they may have struck on something.

What brought on this latest round of angry like_a_god? Frustration with the roleplaying stuff. I won’t go into any great detail other than to say that we’re suppose to start this Saturday. Now I’m not even sure if I’ll be running on Saturday or if the game will even start this month.  Regardless, I already have to throw out pretty much everything I have planned and start from scratch. Not the best way to start off a new campaign that I though my players were totally stocked for.

I’ll stop here before I say anything I would regret or not be able to take back later, when I’m not fuming…

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