Good Weekend

Sure, the weekend was no where near long enough. However, it was productive in both relaxation and website progress. This week will be spend dividing time between socializing, web development and getting ready for Saturday’s Pathfinder game.

For those of you who are interested in knowing what the website will contain, I’ve provided a short blurb below. Much of the initial content will be that which appeared on the Bizarre. However, there will be new content added as I create it.

 The website will contain the following:

  • Art Galleries: Including both older works as well as more recent endeavors.
  • Written Works: Including poetry, graduate papers, a short story and a few odds and ends.
  • Roleplaying works: Including setting information from previous campaigns, just in case I ever need to bring them back or whatnot. It will also include a link to the RPG Roundtable forum, which sooner or later will aslo be updated.

If you’d like to do a link exchange, which will appear on the blog area, please let me know. I enjoy supporting friends in their interests 🙂

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