Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Clash of the Titans this morning: $25. Gaming this evening: +2 circumstance bonus. Escape from reality: Priceless. #
  • Attention Followers: This mornings comment regarding the appearance of snow exaggerated. (Twittering while not fully awake makes one a twit) #
  • Thank the gods its Friday! … and it's snowing WTF? #
  • @dilleo ew in reply to dilleo #
  • "War, war is stupid and people are stupid And love means nothing in some strange quarters" – War Song, Culture Club #
  • Today is going to be intense.. ugh. /straightens shoulders, shields going up and buttocks clinched #
  • @luthers This looks interesting. I'll have to check it out more in-depth later. RT @luthers: Heathens against hate in reply to luthers #
  • @dilleo Ummm.. better decide if you want to use the Corsica or not! in reply to dilleo #
  • @TereZeva It means your ex's get up waaaay to early! Happy B'day! in reply to TereZeva #
  • @dilleo No! Seriously in reply to dilleo #

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