Driving is Fun

So, the drive to ND is over. It wasn’t a bad drive all things considered. The Wifey decided to give me her cold. In return I let her drive most of the 10 hours to our overnight stop. It seemed like a fair trade. I did get to drive through much of the construction though, so things evened out eventually.

We did a stop over in Ipswitch to visit one of the Wifey’s old friends, who also presided at our wedding.  We stayed at a hotel that was once a hospital. Apparently, its a swinging place during hunting season but we were the only ones in the whole place. Seriously, there wasn’t even a clerk or anything. It was rather creepy.

Oh, and there were TONS of pheasants all over the place. Their sorta pretty birds when they’re not squished on the road. I sorta wonder what one would taste like. Wifey says they’re a little too dry for her tastes.

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