Mental Vomit. Now with Chunks!

I’m having one of those days where I’d like to post on something serious but none of my thoughts are really coming together nicely.

I’ve been reading online about the recent issue Pakistan’s blocking of Facebook over the group dedicated to images of Mohammed. I’d like to be able to present an interesting take on the situation. Oh, I’d probably say something about respect for religious perspectives and free speech. This would be followed up with how asinine I think it is to simply be a douche and stir someone’s ire just because your own sense of entitlement has somehow been insulted.  I’d probably end up concluding with a “live and let live” statement worded excitingly.

But, I simply can’t seem to bring it about.

Failing that, I thought I might talk about the recent attacks on the Miss America pageant winner because of her ethical and religious background. But here too, it seems that I’d just be talking about what’s really related to a pageant that has more to do with physical appearance than Islamic Jihad. Oh, I’d probably make some witty remark about how how the chick is, if I took the time to actually look up her picture.

But, the ability to do so has left me for the time being.

Well, time to get back to work. Perhaps my witty wisdom will return sometime shortly and I’ll have more to offer than a shaking of my head.

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