The Edge of Beginning

I’m experiencing a sudden onslaught of endings and transitions.ย For instance, this last Saturday my long running roleplaying campaign came to an abrupt, albeit positive, end. It’ll be nice to sit back and be a player for awhile ๐Ÿ™‚ (We’ll see how long that attitude lasts. I like to be god)

The creative energy that I put into the campaign now needs to shift to new endeavors. I’m not really sure where I’ll put it at this point but I’m determined not to just sit on my ass and let the summer pass me by.

So, here is a list of things I’m contemplating, just as a reminder for myself and those of you bored enough to really care:

  • Of course, I’m going to set aside the time to put more polish into the RPG Roundtable.
  • I’m probably also going to pick up the PS3 for a bit also. It’s been awhile since I spent some quality time with “the Baby”.
  • Read up on some on the Rifts and Pathfinder systems.
  • Pick up the Wacom and draw something
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Spending time with the Wifey
  • Work on my next long-term campaign world.
  • Sleep


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