Looking Down the Tunnel

So, the Wifey leaves this coming Saturday for New Zealand. I get to get up in the morning and driver her to the park-and-ride. After that I’m on my own for about two weeks. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll spend my time.

I’ve got several projects that I’m working on which will hopefully see progress do to the long lonely evenings.

  • Work on icons for the RPG Roundtable
  • Continue advertising efforts for the RPG Roundtable
  • Get ‘Short Stories’ section up on Mind Slate
  • Work my way through FFXIII
  • Clean Apt. (Resisting Urge to Rearrange)
  • Read through the Game Mastery Guide
  • Read through the Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Finish creating a character for Dragonsong’s Rifts one-oneshot
  • To Be Decided 😛

Sure that may look like a long list, I bet it’s about a weeks worth of evenings, at most. Hmmm….

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