Filling the Time – A Crabby Post

There are times when I find myself just sorta ‘blah’. Now is one of those times. With the Wifey set to leave in two days I’m looking forward to a massive chunk of time to fill and few options outside the house to help pass it.

One of the things I really miss about my time as an undergraduate, other than the mind stretching philosophical discourse and seemingly endless reading assignments, is the large pool of friends and acquaintances I had. I miss being able to walk next door, knock and, viola, there was someone there to chat with.

Granted a good amount of this is nostalgia going full force but I’m currently looking down a tunnel where my small group of friends is getting increasingly smaller. While I totally understand that people move on and whatnot, the selfish part of myself wants to curse and scream at them for being fucking douches. Don’t they realize they’re leaving me behind? Yeah, it’s been one of those days.

When I was younger I saw how my parents lived. Go to work, come home, hang out with family, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. Their social life was limited pretty much to each other and us kids. After I got older and had more married friends, I realized that this sort of thing extended beyond just my parents.

In high school and college, I had various friends meet someone, abandon our little group and spend every damn minute basking in glory of their new treasure. Most eventually broke up and returned but it was never quite the same. And, only after I fell into the same trap, did I realize how asinine the whole practice really is. I mean the whole damn world doesn’t stop because you’re in the throws of passion.

I suppose this sort of thing has contributed to my own perspective on marriage, friendship or whatever. The Wifey and I have always striven to have our own group of friends or, if nothing else, different interests that would allow us to have evenings apart with other people. I’d like to think that this has kept us somewhat more sane than we would have otherwise been.

Regardless of my personal feelings, and there are a LOT of conflicting ones wrapped up in this post. I know that people move on, times change, blah blah blah. But, in an effort to give voice to my own inner selfish bastard, I’m really wondering how I’m so easily forgotten and, even more than that, when the hell it will be my turn to move on to brighter pastures.

Yeah, label me a whiny bastard. I’ll be better tomorrow, especially if gamers start answering my LFG postings…

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2 Responses to “Filling the Time – A Crabby Post”

  1. Erin Says:

    All I can say is that you have to make your own happiness. Complacency does not keep friends or a happy life. Life is an ever-changing, dynamic cycle and you have to be willing to change with it. Spend this time while Wifey is gone brainstorming of things you want to change in your life, things that would make you happy, and think of possible ways to make that change. Life isn’t easy, lord knows I have learned that the last 15 months, but once you embrace it, it may not be perfect, but you’ll be happy. You deserve it.

  2. like_a_god Says:


    I just may do that 🙂

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