The Beginning of Wanderings

The knapsack rubbed painfully across his back. It was too small for him really but it’s the only one he could come by so quickly. He kept his eyes glued to the ground. The last thing he needed was to trip on a stone and twist his ankle. There were a lot of things he didn’t need. He was beginning to learn that.

The city’s walls lay just hours away but it already had that ‘a life time ago’ feeling. Its main gates would be closed against the twilight, closed against him. “If you do this there is no turning back.” His lover had said to him. But, he really didn’t care. The eyes gave away everything and those eyes were empty.

He paused in the sound of the woods and felt the humidity play about his bare skin. The scent of earth invaded his nose, still a stranger after a lifetime of city life. He rubbed it with his shoulder, straightened his cap and continued on.

“Really what choice do I have?” he asked himself.

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