Mapquest Fatality & Other Nonsense

Wow… It’s Thursday already?

Yesterday, after the first 8 hours of being responsible and earning the green stuff, I decided I’d take a trip out to Hobby Lobby to see if they had the water candles I was looking for. So, I looked up the store I wanted to go to on Mapquest and headed out. I decided to try another way of getting to the area and it sorta bit me in the ass. Turns out the store locator gave me an incorrect location, hence I got a wrong ‘alternative’ route and I ended up out by Flatirons Mall in the heat of rush hour traffic. Ugh. I slowly made my way onto 36th, after getting repeatedly cut off by other drivers and made it over to Hobby Lobby about 25 minutes later than I should have.

Hobby Lobby was a bust for water candles, candle holders and the measuring tape thingy I wanted to price out. But, they did have a nice selection of foam 😛

So, decided to head home and took a wrong turn out of the Target parking lot maze ending up on a frontage road. I decided to go with it because there was a helluva lot of traffic on 36th and nothing on the frontage road that I knew eventually led to Broadway (can’t remember what it is before entering Boulder).

I eventually made it home like an hour or so later than I thought I would but it was kinda relaxing 😛

Got home, watched ‘1900’ which was meh.

I found the “Romantic Water Candles” online and decided that, since I haven’t found them local anywhere up until now, that the price of shipping would be less than my time and gas, so I ordered them. Then, when printing my receipt I realized I transposed 2 numbers in my address. Sheesh. Contacted the company and got that fixed. So, I should have them in a few days!

Only other noteworthy news, and I probably should have started with this, is that my step brother should have made it home last night. Let’s hope that’s the case. 🙂

Now, this evening I think I’ll be watching TV, doing laundry and just sorta vegging. That is unless I decide to run back to another store to get those candle holders I saw. I guess it all depends on if I’m comfortable leaving the apartment for another drive-about LOL.

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