Saturday – Saturday – Saturday

It’s halfway through the Wifey’s walkabout. I haven’t posted in a day or so cause I’ve been busy with life LOL.

The latter part of the week has been pretty lackluster. Not great, but not bad. Been having to spend a little money on things that I didn’t intend on having to worry about though 🙁 Which means a lot more home cooking for me. And, if you’ve ever had my home cooking, you know that’s a pretty harsh experience.

First, my headphones have decided to be a bit spastic in letting the sound flow freely through them. So, since their toast, I’ve been looking around the house for others. Most everything else we have are ear buds of one form or another. I hate ear buds. For some reason wearing them makes me a little sick to my stomach. Now, I’m on the hunt to find some ear clips that have the headphones cover the ear. We’ll see what I can get. I’ve budgeted $15 so I’ll be a hunt.

Secondly, my PC has been acting up. It’s been making this god-awful whuuuuurrrriing sound. (Yes, just like that.) It’s been happening intermittently and I couldn’t get it to repeat itself. So, thinking it was the front fan making the noise at high RPM, and since it’s the original 5 year old one, I ran down to Best Buy and got another one. Put that in last night. Seemed to have done the trick. The fan is a little louder than stock but has more airflow so I was expecting that.

This morning the damn noise was back, tilted the case to remove the side so I could hear better, sound got way worse. I’ve realized that it’s the DVD-Rom. We’ve had issues with it making a horrible noise when full bore, along with some read issues. Alas, now, just sitting there idle, you can hear the disc spinning. Crap. So, off to New Egg I went. I think Wifey would be proud. 🙂 $25 later (and with free shipping), I got myself a new one and didn’t break my budget.

Hopefully that will be the end of my electronic woes.

Ah, time to have lunch!

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2 Responses to “Saturday – Saturday – Saturday”

  1. Greg Says:

    The ear buds may be causing you to feel sick to your stomach if your inner ears are really sensitive to sound pressure, which could cause disruption in the parts of your ear involved with balance.

  2. like_a_god Says:


    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I found an older set of headphones that sit just inside the ear, rather than a plug that goes way in there. They seem to be doing okay for the moment.


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