Contemplation: My Altar

So, I’ve had an altar off and on for quite awhile now. Previously, I’ve mainly setup the altar itself according to instinct and feel. It usually has an aesthetic pleasantness about it and a feel of calm surrounding it. The objects on it are things I happen to have around and usually represent things that I feel are “needed” in the space.

Sadly, I’ve never fully setup an altar in our latest abode. I mean I had the stuff setup but there was no energy associated with it. It sat like a classic car in an old barn. I knew it was there but it was simply hibernating, neglected.

Part of the reason for this is that Kuan Yin, told me quite sternly “Don’t put up an altar if your not going to use it”. And, since I didn’t have an immediate need to make “use” of it, I never fully created or sanctified it.

However, since I’ve decided to be more of an active participant in my religious practice, rather than just sit on my duff and wait for stuff to happen, it was time to setup the alter in hopes of using it as a tool during my current journey.

The first thing I’ve noticed is the difference in the feel of setting it up. This time there is a lot more work involved. It feels like I’m searching through myself in order to find out what the altar needs, its layout and its decor. I know that there are some things that the altar needs, like representations of Athena or things associated with her. These will take awhile to acquire but that’s okay. It’s not meant to be instantaneous this time around.

But, it’s not just the objects or the layout of the altar that have been difficult to work on. It seems like the more I work on the altar, and it really will be a long process, the more I’m working through my own issues. I feel that, while frustrating, it much more important that I work through the stress. It’s seems to be part of my current journey.

This is a new experience for me. Not bad, just different. I really hope that this is what Kuan Yin meant by “using” my altar.

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