4 Day Weekend!

Alrighty, gonna be a busy, but hopefully awesome, four day weekend!!! Yep that’s right my friends, I have today off 🙂 Wasn’t really intentional, just happened to pick the day without realizing it. Hee hee

So, first thing this morning we’ll be taking the HHR in to get something with the air bags fixed. It’s a recall so we won’t have to pay for it. We’ll also mention the rotor issue if we have time. I don’t think it’s a recall issue just shitty parts from somewhere in China.

Then, tonight, is the Character Generation Extravaganza. So far I’ve got 7 confirmed players showing up. We’ll see how many I can fit in the apartment LOL. I’m sure it’ll be cozy!

Saturday morning Little Turtle and the Sis are coming up from Colorado Springs. We’ll be going to some sort of festival in downtown Boulder. If nothing else maybe I’ll gaze at the ladies wearing skimpy clothes. Let’s hope its a warm day 😛

Sunday, we may game. Not sure if it’s gonna happen or not, but we’ll find out tonight probably.

And, Monday…. relax and sleep in Woo Hoo!


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