The Plan

Alrighty, here is the three year plan*:

Step One: Complete the debt management program. I think we have two and a half years left. Regardless, we’ll come out on the other side in a much better financial spot.

Step Two: Get my ass back into school and gain the skills for something I’d actually like to have a career in. Looking at two tracts right now; folklore/anthro studies of some sort or web design/graphic arts. I have three years to narrow it down. Probably won’t be able to relocate since Wifey’s job kicks ass, but there are online and commuter options.

That’s it. Just two simple steps. Still a lot of work to do within that time frame. For instance, I’ll have to look at options regarding schools and programs. I’ll have to look at how the hell we’re going to pay for it without digging ourselves into another financial hole. I’ll have to touch base with some of my old professors who actually thought I was worth a damn academically.  I’ll have to build up a working portfolio of artwork, both digital and otherwise. Nothing insurmountable, I hope, but it’ll keep me going through the drudgery of the work week.

*Please Note: All of this will be null and void if the world changes drastically in 2012. 😛

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2 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. Diana Says:

    I did debt management and I’m so glad I did. More power to you!

    As to career tracks, perhaps you can see a counselor not on the educational track, or try a few new things. School isn’t your only option, and it’s just good to see what all is out there. Some public libraries have courses to address situations like yours.

  2. like_a_god Says:


    Yeah, it was either debt management or bankruptcy. Things always seemed to hit us like medical bills, car issues, etc. whenever we were already struggling financially. It actually is still happening but we’re making some headway. Ugh…

    I hadn’t thought of the public library as a resource but I think it’s something to look into. I am aware of a few free online classes or self paced tutorials that I might be able to make use of to help provide a strong foundation. Still, either of the things I’m looking at doing require degrees these days. So, I won’t be able to avoid going back to school to get a little diploma saying I’m qualified. Plus, outside of the recent graduate school issues, I rather enjoy being in college. So, it won’t be a sacrifice along those lines.

    A lot can happen in three years but I’ve found I need to make a plan now. It help makes all the shit that’s going on now seem a little more purposeful.

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