Obligatory ‘Rapture Post

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and covering both ears I’m sure that you’ve heard something about the Rapture that was supposed to occur this last Saturday. I’ve seen lots of jokes on Facebook and elsewhere. Hell, I’ve even told some of them.

In all seriousness though, this entire fiasco has got me thinking about why some people seem to need something like the Rapture to exist in order for their lives to have meaning. I suppose this sort of contemplation should also include circumstances which also cause and ‘End of Times’ event, such as meteor strikes that annihilate most life on earth, zombie apocalypses or 2012ish world shifting occurrences. I’d support the argument that these are all variations on a theme.

I also wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t acknowledge that I too believe that something will happen in the future that will cause the world to be very different than it is now. Anyone who has really sat down to talk with me about my religious perspective or has intently read some of my stuff on this blog shouldn’t be taken by surprise by this fact. Still, I’m hoping this will allow me a bit of insight rather than have a negative impact on this discussion.

Let’s see, since I don’t want to drag this out too long, I’ll focus on the broad aspects of what these things would bring about, rather on the specifics details about how a specific apocalypse happens. Here we go!

1) It’s a Mulligan – Basically, I find that if something wiped out the majority of the human race it would allow us a lot of room to rebuild society and humankind according to a different morality and value system. Of course, this ‘new society’ would adhere to values that are more pious, less materialistic etc etc… depending on the person holding the perspective. Regardless, it’s a ‘do over’ and anything afterward ‘seems’ possible.

2) Ha! I Knew It! – Not to sound too condescending but the fulfillment of a predicted apocalypse would really support the ‘Truth Claims’ of those giving voice to it. Whether it’s the ‘Follow Christ’ crowd or the ‘Don’t experiment with human genome’ naysayers, the disappearance of several million Christians or masses of marauding zombies, should be enough to give those that don’t agree with them pause to reconsider. Though, it might be too late to do so.

3) Makes One Feel Alive – Many of us, myself included, don’t really feel alive in our 9-5, hand to mouth existence. I mean, if I’m fighting off zombies, trying to rebuild human society after a meteor or nuclear bomb, then the decisions I make really, REALLY, matter. But, all things being considered, what I do on a day to day basis really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

I think those are the main three reasons why one would be soooo excited about the prospect of an apocalypse. What I don’t hear much about, unless it’s in the ‘you deserve it vein’, is the suffering that would inherently follow for those effected by such occurrences. Setting aside the entire ‘going to heaven crew’ things are going to royally suck for those left behind. I know that those zombie movies seem cool and get our hearts racing but I don’t know anyone that truly wants to see their loved ones eaten by their neighbor. Nor, do I feel that those living through nuclear fallout would see it as a beneficial way to ‘switch things up’ in our lives.

I’m just not sure the benefits would outweigh the negatives of an apocalypse.

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