Rambling Power

So, my little corner of the bedroom, which I lovingly refer to as my office, is now straightened up. That’s one less area that we’ll have to make appropriately clean before the management companies ‘inspector’ comes on Friday.

I suppose tha sounds a little ominous but it’s really not. The condo above us had an issue with their AC unit’s ‘hosey’ parts. Due to this water has been gathering in the ceiling above our utility closet. Long story short, I asked that the entire room be inspected for water damage and mold. We’ll see if any such thing is found on Friday.

In a related note, it looks like I’ve stumbled upon a new videocard for the PC tomorrow. One of my techie friends got himself an upgrade and is handing it down to me. Another friend referred to this as ‘computer karma’ I might have to pretend I came up with that myself. 😛

Regardless, the bounty might continue since the Wifey has said I should be able to get Windows 7 and a memory upgrade for my B’day. It may not be an entire new system but leaving behind Vista (32-bit at at that) should result in a perceptible advance in power.

Have I mentioned that I like power?

I need more power…

Well, I think this is enough blabbing. I’m gonna finish folding some clothes and then play some Fallout 3: New Vegas.

I need more power!

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