Occupy Wall Street Leaves Me Scratching My Head

I can understand the anger and frustration which seems to be the foundation of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. I don’t condone the use of pepper spray against them and all that crap, as long as the protests are actually non-violent and non-destructive.

However, what I don’t have a clear picture of is what the next step for the movement is beyond the protests themselves. For instance, let’s say the ‘powers that be’ say ‘Ok. We’re listening. What are your issues? What do you recommend we do to solve them?” So far the only instance I know of this happening resulted in the group here in Denver promoting a dog to serve as a spokes person.

This type of behavior, the ‘Let’s bitch and moan because we can but not actually be part of the solution.’ perplexes me. If you strive for change but can’t articulate your agenda or offer options to solve the situation what exactly are you doing other than whining?

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