Christmas – To Each Their Own.

This last week I commented on Facebook that my favorite two aspects of the season are the gift giving and when the Holiday music ceases at the end of it. I suspect that I touched something of a nerve given the replies I got and the conversations that came of it outside of cyberspace. While the comment was initially made in a tongue and cheek fashion, I find myself giving considerably more thought to my perspective on the subject and the reactions I received.

One of the things that seems most clear, at least to me, is that people are appalled by the fact that I stated that the presents were one of my favorite parts. This was just pure honesty on my part. Who the hell doesn’t like to get presents? Come on, let’s be honest with ourselves here…

“No! The reason for the season is the birth of Christ!” I hear the choirs of faithful yelling already.

Um… okay. Setting aside all the issues inherent in that statement, let me just reiterate that I’m NOT Christian so this aspect of the Holiday season doesn’t speak to me as it might to others. As such, I don’t have to be concerned with the commercialization of my religious belief or that sorta thing. I don’t have to pretend to be appalled by it while I’m busy shopping for gifts. I can simply look at all the wrapped gifts and say ‘Gimme! Gimme!’ Guilt free! Bwahahahahaha!

As for the quip about the Christmas music, I am completely aware that my non-Christian tendencies play a key part in why I can’t stand most of it. I really dislike Christian music, gospel, etc. It’s not really the musical component but rather the content of what the songs are about. Most of the time I can easily avoid listening to it. However, usually starting just after Halloween it begins to play on the radio and in stores. By the time Christmas Eve comes around it’s EVERYWHERE. The same songs, sung by a myriad of different artists and most with connotations that they don’t really seem to understand. So, yes, when it finally ceases I’m rather happy about it. If some like it, great, enjoy! My dislike for it isn’t a condemnation of those that do enjoy it.

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