The Year Is Already Brighter Than The Last

It’s the beginning of February and there are a plethora of changes in my life.

Perhaps the change that will have the most impact occurred at work. While I still work for the same company, I have accepted a different position. The new position has a different schedule, is located at a different location (5 minutes closer) and no management or supervisory responsibilities. Not having any managerial stress will be a huge thing for me. It’s only been a week and I’m already in a better head space. I joke with the Wifey that my new mantra is ‘It’s not my problem!’.

The new schedule is also taking a bit to get used to. I’m up at 3am, at work by 4am and I’m done by 1pm. After the first two days of feeling like crap, my body adjusted enough so that I didn’t feel like I’m working through a haze of sluggishness. I usually take an hour nap once I get home but I’m hoping to slowly weed that out. It’ll be nice to have a full 5 hours to myself before the Wifey gets home from work. Still, we’ll have to work on together time since I’m in bed by 9pm.

I’ve already noticed an increase in creativity and the ability to relax. Just this week alone I’ve read two novels, somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 pages and worked with GIMP (a graphics program) for the first time in months. My hope is that my energy continues to improve and I’ll be able to work more on artwork and get some quality videogame time in.

Hell, I might even blog a bit more regularly.

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