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So over the last week I’ve encountered two items that have me really rethinking where I’d like to take my life (as long as 2012 doesn’t end it of course.) I’ve always enjoyed doing the creative stuff but I often find myself at various times lacking the time, motivation or ideas necessary to pull things off. (Oh, and I’m sure there are tons of other excuses I’ve used in the past.)

Oh, I should mention the two things. The first is a PSN game called ‘Journey’. The game is put together by the same company that put out ‘FLOW’ and ‘Flower’. I’m totally in love with the visuals and the sense of atmosphere that it invokes.


The second source of inspiration is ‘Project KARA’. From my understanding it’s basically a technology demo. Still the writing is superb in my opinion and the short film has an uncanny ability to pull emotions out of me.

Project KARA

Anyhow, I’m going to attempt to cling to this new found energy and trying to figure out what talents I can develop to get involved in projects such as these. I’ve got a few things in mind though. I figure that I need to start developing a portfolio of my creative stuff, which should encompass the artwork, writing and technical knowhow to get my ideas out on paper and other media.

That’s my hope anyhow.

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