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Action and Reaction (written 2006)

And, when I first met you
Amazed by your sparkling eyes and singsong voice
Infused with the joy of the moment
Laughing inwardly at all my past fears…

And, while I led you back through the rift
Worrying every moment that I’d turn around and you’d be gone
Rushing through the woods, past flowers I didn’t recognize
Away from your mountains and into mine…

And, while we were entering my campsite
I reveled in the look on the faces of my friends
Watching awe spread across their faces
Watching my past certainty find foundation…

And, while we chatted
Drinking our tea and mead
Listening to each others tales of our homelands.
Excited about what our meeting foretold…

And, while I stared at the night sky
To excited to sleep
Worried that I might wake up
To find this simply a fleeting dream…

Our people’s cities burned.

When I was meeting you
There were other meetings.

When I was leading you back through the rift
Others were finding their way.

While we were entering my campsite
Others were entering our cities.

While we chatted
Others were making war.

While I stared at the night sky
Others were looking at open graves.

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